The Best Investment You Will Ever Make Is In Your Health

To invest in something it takes time, money, love, in fact it takes many things. Why do we invest in things? For security, monetary return, pensions, for our retirement or pure enjoyment and love in supporting someone or a sport we are passionate about. As a therapist, I have invested many years of hard work and money, into studying Body Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Anatomy and Physiology, to provide a nurturing caring treatment, helping people to relax, allowing their mind and body to find a still point where they can just be and enjoy the moment. Eating healthy, taking regular exercise and giving yourself time to rest your body and mind are 3 Key things everyone should try and do regularly, and is a very good investment in your health. The beauty of complementary therapy is the gentle and supportive way it helps our minds and body’s to stay balanced and rested. Assisting in the removal of stress and inviting the body and mind to let go of whatever is no longer needed, allowing it to recharge its energy and feel refreshed.

Do you ever feel low in energy for no particular reason, experience regular head, neck or back pain, poor range of movement or perhaps you are recovering from an injury? Whatever situations you find yourself in, having regular massage treatments can seriously make a difference to your recovery/pain and range of movement. With SoulSisters Therapies, for an investment of £1.50 a day, you could enjoy a 75 minute treatment of your choice every month….. Yes, every month of the year. What better way of investing in your health?

By Nina Gregory FdSc MFHT

Founder of SoulSisters Therapies


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