Behind the door of my Therapy room

Sign - You are now entering a stress free zone

As a therapist I spend a lot of time communicating through my hands and listening, offering nourishment through relaxation and easing tight muscles through a nurturing and listening touch. Providing a safe and sacred space for my clients,so they can refresh, cleanse and release any stresses and tensions that invariably accumulate on life’s path.

My treatment room is very simple in its appearance, yet in its simplicity it invites you to surrender all your ( and your perception of other peoples) expectations of you, freeing you to be who you truly are. I offer a selection of Holistic Therapies, including: Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Clinical Massage, Reiki and Reiki Drumming.

So what makes having a treatment at SoulSisters Therapies different to anywhere else?

Perhaps this is a question I should ask all my lovely clients, (if you have had a treatment with me, your feed back would be very welcome).

I offer time. I am not the fastest person in the world, as those of you who have worked with me knows! However, I am methodical and gentle in my approach. You talk and I listen, and together we will find the right treatment for you. After your treatment, there is time for stillness, a time where you can reflect and for us to discuss any issues which arose during your session. I plan my treatments so that I never see more than 4 clients in one day, this allows me as a therapist to stay fresh and energised for every client I see and to cleanse the treatment room, restoring its natural energy and balance.

I love music and the way it can add another dimension to the treatments I give. Currently I have been working with Monika Kralj ( and Paul Midgely ( creating a CD specifically for one of my treatments, their amazing musical talents, using Gongs, Singing Bowls and Drums, will take you on a journey that is quite simply ~ out of this world.

Aroma. Using a wide range of essential oils, I can make an aromatherapy essential oil blend just for you and what you need on the day of your treatment. This adds to your experience through the sense of smell ( the olfactory system), and depending on what oils are used can determine the outcome of your treatment ie. relaxed, energised or calm – adding even more depth to the treatment experience.

I suppose these words sum up what I want to provide, behind the door of my therapy room …

‘I want to offer you a space where vulnerability is accepted, where there is respite from perfectionism, achievements and the demand for results, where there is rest, time and space for reflection. A place to stop, to get off the treadmill, be heard and nourished and challenged to be who you truly are, to develop potential. I want you to be safe to push the barriers of your comfort zone, so there can be growth. I want you to have the freedom and spontaneity to shout with excitement and enthusiasm at your success and to acknowledge without shame your worst scenarios. There will be the ancient art of play, challenges present themselves and there is honest and loving feedback.’ (Author unknown

SoulSisters Holistic Therapies

Providing therapies with love



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